Nothing Like You

Nothing Like You, by Lauren Strasnick

In this open and sincere book, Lauren Strasnick weaves grief, growing up, and getting comfortable in your own skin into one moving story. Six months after Holly’s mom died, she has withdrawn from the world. Numb to her feelings, she has one true friend in the world. So when popular (and already attached) Paul notices her, she welcomes the diversion his embrace brings. But when their one-night stand turns into something else, Holly enters a whole new world–especially when Paul’s girlfriend Saskia starts to become her friend.

This is not just another teen-angst&love-triangle book. While it does have a triangle (or two) propelling the plot, this book is more about dealing with grief and losing a part of yourself–then learning how to become whole again. As Holly becomes more entangled in her love triangle, she exposes feelings that she has kept buried since her mom died. Her journey from total isolation in her own grief to re-immersing herself into society, friendships, and relationships makes this a book worth picking up. (A word of caution though- there are definitely some mature language and themes permeating this book but nothing graphic, its just very candid. As an example, it opens with Holly losing her virginity to Paul in his car-you definitely know whats going on, but there isn’t a crude blow-by-blow.)

In Nothing Like You, Lauren Strasnick has created an honest look at how confusing it can be to be a teenager–especially when life throws a curveball or two your way. Its candid take is refreshing and makes this a book worth reading.

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