Rick Riordan’s New Series Announced

Like his Lightning Thief star Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan is a demigod—at least in the eyes of his readers. With the release next May of the first title in his new middle-grade fantasy series, about ancient Egypt, he is set to become a pharaoh, too. nov5kanechronicleslogo

In The Kane Chronicles, Book One: The Red Pyramid, kids will meet Carter Kane, 14, and his sister, Sadie, 12, descendants of Egyptian magicians who battle gods accidentally released in the present. (Watch out for the god of chaos.)

“In my classroom, there was only one thing that was more popular than ancient Greece, and that was ancient Egypt,” said Riordan, who taught middle-school social studies and English for 15 years. “This was a matter of listening to a lot of fans, and a lot of young readers.”

We can’t wait for the release, scheduled for May 4, 2010!

Read the full article at Publisher’s Weekly.

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