alienatedSometimes you’re craving an over-the-top, action packed summer-block buster, full of outrageous aliens, unbelievable CGI special effects, fast dialogue, and zany surprises & intrigue… and when you’re looking for that perfect thing, and nothing else will do, then Hollywood screenwriter David O. Russell and video game designer Andrew Auseon’s Alienated is the ticket you want to buy.

But I am getting ahead of myself, since Alienatedwas just published, as a book, by Aladdin.  Clearly conceptualized and written as the beginning of a series destined for the big screen, this book is one over-the-top, crazy episode and character after another.  Middle grade guy readers (and some girls too) who love movies like Men in Black and James Patterson’s Maximum Ride and Daniel X will eat this book up.  It delivers from the get go on action, aliens (which will all be very cool when done in CGI), and special effects (again, great CGI potential).  The pacing and action/consequence sequencing lives up to favorite video games, and the surprises about who’s good, who’s bad, and who’s downright evil pull you along from first page to last.

Alienated isn’t the most well written book I’ve read, the character development and believability definitely take a back seat to the action, and the plot really isn’t that great, but for those readers who want action, effects, and something cool to read about, 14 year old Gene and best friend Vince’s wild adventures exposing the aliens in our midst is a perfect fit.



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