Indigo KingAny readers who enjoyed the first two books will certainly want to pick up The Indigo King and follow the continuing adventures of John, Jack, Charles and others.  Like the previous books, Owens has brought in true historical events and philosophies related to the main characters and intertwined them with the plot.

The Indigo King contains a separate adventure, but with lots of references to the first two.  Therefore, even though it can be read by itself, it is less confusing and more fulfilling to read the first two books in the series before reading the third.  The storyline is exciting, once it gets started.  However, the mysteries and twists throughout the book might be too complicated for some young readers.  Even though loose ends are tied up, some of them aren’t clear and the reader might have to re-read paragraphs to see if they missed something. 

The ending of this book leaves enough open for another book, or two, in the series.  If Owens continues with the same style and feeling in the first three books in the Chronicles series, he should be able to continue entertaining readers.

The Indigo King is a good continuation of the Chronicles series.  With elements of fantasy, time travel, alternate dimensions, and adventure, The Indigo King has enough to keep fans of the series interested.  Even though the storyline and most events are geared toward ages 12 and up, any reader will need to have a good ability to follow, understand, and connect clues.  The characters are fun to follow.  There is some violence in the book, but nothing descriptive.  I would recommend The Indigo King for elementary or middle school libraries who own the previous books.


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