Bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater did it again with Forever, the continuing story of Grace and Sam’s love for each other and the sequel to Shiver and Linger.  In Forever, Grace and Sam continue to face hardship and obstacles to their love and Cole and Isabel are also still trying to sort out their feelings for each other.  In this final book of the series, Cole tries to find a cure to stop being a wolf, which causes him to make a big mistake by contacting a friend.  As for Grace, she is still trying to control herself by controlling her wolf.  There’s still a lot of drama surrounding the pack, and issues that may last forever, or at least as long as there are some that will control them and others that will revenge them.

Forever shows that love will make you do crazy things. I think it’s great that the characters are loyal to each other even when they get on each others nerves. I like how Sam would do anything to get Grace back into his arms, how he respects his peers, elders and even Grace, and how much he loves his friends and family.  I must say Forever is the greatest out of all three novels. I hope you guys and girls love my review and that it will encourage you to read the whole series.

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