Substitute Creacher

creacherSubstitute Creacher– the latest book from Chris Gall– doesn’t disappoint.

Substitute teacher days mean goofing off and wreaking havoc, right? Well the students in Mrs. Jenkins class are about to be schooled. Meet the Substitute Creacher! His lesson plan isn’t one the students are bound to forget soon. He tells tales of kids with unfortunate habits (glue-eating, desk-stuffing, and the like) who have met with sad (and funny) tales of woe. But is anyone prepared for the creacher’s story??

Beautifully illustrated in rich jewel tones, every page of this fun new picture book pops. The rhyming speech and lots of action make this book ideal for reading aloud, and kids will laugh while learning a few important lessons about what to do and not do while at school.

Watch the trailer now!

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