cloudetteCloudette, by the New York Times bestselling illustrator of Duck! Rabbit! Tom Lichtenheld, is a cute story of how even the littlest cloud can make a difference. Cloudette,  “a cute little cumulus” likes being little and the advantages her small size can bring. But sometimes she wants to go with the bigger clouds on their adventures! Then she finds out that little clouds can make a big difference, its all about finding where you can be of the most use.

Easily relate-able to small children, especially younger siblings, this cute little story is full of surprising and fun details. Everything from the usually boring copyright page (with a special thank you to the clouds for the water to make the watercolor artwork) to the fun dialogue the illustrations narrate the story with (the birds and animals all narrate around the main story) make this a great picture book to not only introduce kids to clouds and their purpose, but to reinforce that little clouds (and people) can have important jobs too.

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