extraordinary*The True Story of My Fairy Godparent, Who Almost Killed Me, and Certainly Never Made Me a Princess

Jennifer Van Der Berg isn’t really the kind of girl who wanted a fairy godmother to grant her wish to be a princess.  She certainly isn’t the kind of teen to be swept up, head over heels in love, with the boy of her dreams. She’s pretty average, actually. A little quick to anger sometimes. Really, more of a cynic than anything else. So when the book Born To Be Extraordinary rockets her to fame by completely misrepresenting her “adventure with her fairy godmother”, Jennifer has no choice but to write her own tell-all book to set the record straight.  The true story is that Jennifer’s fairy godparent, Gregory Grue, is a grungy, mean-spirited, unkempt drunk “pre-human”, who would be just as happy making Jennifer miserable as he would doing almost anything else. It seems like he’s going to grant her wishes, bringing the boy she loved in middle school back into her life again, but as events unfold, Jennifer realizes that Gregory’s motives and magic are definitely more dangerous and deadly than she could have imagined.  The question is, are she and her loyal friends smart enough to outwit him? 

Adam Selzer’s latest is a fun, light romantic comedy, mixing in vampires, zombies, fairies, with a healthy dash of high school angst. It will certainly be enjoyed by tween & teen girls who liked other anti-fairy godmother books (My Unfair Godmother, How to Ditch Your Fairy), zany romances, and who thought, like three years ago, that dating a vampire was so over.

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