The Fall of the Templar by Derek Benz and JS Lewis

Fall of the TemplarThis is the third book in the Grey Griffins series and they just keep getting better!

Max, Ernie, Harley and Natalia are the Grey Griffins, four kids in the small town of Avalon, Minnesota who enjoy playing a card game called Round Table.

In the first book, The Revenge of the Shadow King, the exciting adventures begin when the kids discover that the fantastic creatures and characters on their Round Table cards actually exist!  Max finds a magical book in his grandmother’s attic and is tricked into releasing an evil creature from it. Max becomes the new guardian of this important book, called the Codex. The evil witch Morgan LaFey has a plan that may end the world as they know it unless the Griffins can stop them!

In book two, The Rise of the Black Wolf, Max is betrayed by his someone he loves and the resourceful Griffins travel all over the world through magical portals to keep the dangerous Black Wolves from getting a powerful weapon.

In The Fall of the Templar, the friends learn more about the Templar Knights and the magical world around them as they attempt to thwart world destruction.  You meet interesting new characters, get to know familiar characters better, and enjoy another exciting adventure with the Grey Griffins that will leave you wishing that you already had book four!

This fun, action-packed fantasy series is great for all ages.  For independent reading it is appropriate for third grade and up.  The audio book of Revenge of the Shadow King is also excellent.

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