ruinIn this final installment of Kelley Armstrong’s the Age of Legends trilogy, Forest of Ruin features twin sisters Moria and Ashyn as they face complications, conflicts, and epic decisions with the potential to save or imperil the empire.

This book picks up the trilogy plot after Shadow Stalkers have massacred the village that Moria and Ashyn called home.   As a result, Moria’s sister and the children of her village are missing, her father has been murdered, her emperor is handing her over as a traitor, and two of her friends may not be the people she thought.  The thoughtful and subdued Gavril Kitsune and the honorable and resolute Tyrus both care about Moria and an alliance, but their intentions may render them impotent.

Moria, a Keeper for the Empire, has the ability to banish spirits.  With her bond beast, a wildcat named Daigo, she acts boldly and brashly.  Moria is a strong young woman and an independent thinker who does not bow to convention.  When she finds herself caught in a web of deceit, a web woven by the nefarious and power-hungry sorcerer Alvar Kitsune, Moria has to learn to control her impetuous nature.  Typically, her thoughts “run in a linear path, clear and decisive and leading straight to action” (68).  Essentially, she needs to adopt traits that belong to her sister, Ashyn.  But first she must find her.

Ashyn is a Seeker with the ability to soothe spirits.  She often asks questions first and acts once she has adequate information.  With her bond beast, a hound named Tova, Ashyn wishes to reunite with her sister.  On her journey, she discovers a grandfather from whom she learns that she has the power to awaken dragons at a time when the empire needs them most.

With elements of fantasy, adventure, and romance, Armstrong weaves an action-packed tale replete with escapes, spies, reunions, murders, temptation, and dark magic that reminds reader about the power of friendship and loyalty.

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