Reader’s Review: Once Upon a Time Regina Rising

reginaIf you are into fantasy or fairy tale books I would recommend reading Wendy Toliver’s new novel Once Upon A Time: Regina Rising. Although based on the television series Once Upon A Time, this story can and does stand on its own. This book takes place in the Enchanted Forest and centers around sixteen-year-old Regina Mills. She seems like a normal teenager – she is into horses, art, and boys – except she lives in a castle, her father is a prince, and her mother has magic powers and is critical of her every move.

One of the things Regina has never had in her young life but really wants is a friend who is adventurous and can meet the approval of her very strict mother. She is shocked when her mother introduces her to a family friend her age names Claire Fairchild. Claire finally teaches Regina what having a true friend is like. Claire quickly becomes a partner in crime, a confidant, and a sister for Regina. But can it last?

With Cora constantly prepping her to marry and work her way to become a Queen someday, she pushes away everything and anyone who could hold her daughter back. Regina wants none of it, she just wants to be in control of her own destiny and to have it a she chooses. But she discovers fate can’t always be controlled and hers may become everything she despises.

Never having watched ABCs Once Upon A Time the story really makes me want to find out what happens next. I really like this book because the adventures that Regina and Claire got into were exciting and you never know what was to happen next. All the characters were quirky, fun and made the story come to life. I definitely would recommend reading Once Upon A Time: Regina Rising to anyone and everyone.

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