Reader’s Review: Counting to Perfect

Cassie feels lost ever since her older sister Julia got pregnant. They used to be best friends, but now there’s a strange wall between them, bridged only by Julia’s baby daughter Addie. In fact, Cassie feels walled off from her parents and her friends too. So when Julia confides to Cassie that she’s leaving with Addie and invites Cassie to come along, Cassie grabs some clothes and hops in the car. Will running away cause more problems, or can they finally find their way to perfect?

This story resembles its cover – peaceful, slow, gentle, beautiful. It is the unfolding of a relationship between sisters, and by watching their relationship we can see Cassie’s other relationships more clearly. The plot is moved not so by events but by emotions, and is peppered with sweet moments with baby Addie and lots of quiet visits to swimming pools and laughter between sisters. I finished the book in three days. I wanted to know about the causes of Cassie and Julia’s pain, and I wanted them to heal.

For parents and guardians: This book addresses teen pregnancy (a subplot) in a nuanced and balanced way, showing the difficulties that arise as well as giving an example of how one family was determined not to let it tear them apart.

If you like road trips, gentle stories about relationships, or any type of swimming, you’ll love Suzanne LaFleur‘s Counting to Perfect! Four out of five stars.

Posted by: Amy Glendinning

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