Reader’s Review: The Unicorn Rescue Society

Sasquatch are real. So are mermaids and chupacabras. And the Unicorn Rescue Society has taken it upon itself to rescue any of these mythical endangered creatures that need help.

Which is why Elliot and Uchenna, elementary-age members of the Unicorn Rescue Society, are on their way to the state of Washington, where the Sasquatch are in trouble. An evil corporation is after the trees in their habitat, and after them, too! Can Elliot and Uchenna stop to the Schmokes Brothers before it’s too late?

This humorous and heartwarming story is full of facts about many creatures, both fictional and real; disguises; complicated vehicles; beautiful trees; friendships; and lots and lots of bad puns. While the book is high-action, it’s low intensity, very appropriate for elementary students. The non-stop action is softened by multiple sweet friendships and hilarious bad guys. Gidwitz has taken advantage of his compelling story to teach lots of scientific and cultural information about the Pacific Rainforest and the creatures and people who live there. The downfall of this method is that information about real people and creatures, which seems accurate, is mixed with information about fictional ones, making it harder to discern whether the “real” facts are just part of the story.

Mid to late elementary students will love this light-hearted and action-packed story about two kids who help save the Sasquatch and learn about friendship at the same time. Four out of five stars.

  • Posted by Amy Glendinning

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