Penguin Young Readers Group Point of View Campaign

From Publisher’s Weekly:  Five backlist novels and two new titles are featured in Point of View, a fall marketing initiative from Penguin Young Readers Group. The campaign, which focuses on literary books with strong, somewhat challenging themes, entails consumer and trade components and aims to connect readers who embraced such novels as Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher and Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson to new books with a similar appeal.sept10povlogo

Joy Peskin, executive editor at Viking, who edited Wintergirls and After, views the campaign as “a great opportunity to give attention to important books by our newer authors, by tying them into more established authors whom booksellers and readers already know. To have new novels like After, about a teen who gives birth to a baby she then abandons in a dumpster, linked through this campaign to books by Laurie Halse Anderson and Jay Asher gives emerging authors a chance to find their audience more quickly than they might have otherwise.”

The publisher will revamp the Point of View program in spring and fall 2010, when it will tout new groupings of novels. Having a vehicle to promote books with edgy, real-life themes and high-quality writing is rewarding to Peskin as an editor. “These are hands-down my favorite books to edit and they speak to teens in a powerful way,” she says. “Reading books about challenging subjects can help a teen make a decision that could be life-saving. This is a great opportunity to promote novels that will encourage teens to reach out to each other and to help friends get through difficult times.”

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