How would you feel if you had to constantly move, change your name, appearance, and high school? Sadly, this is a feeling that Anna Boyd and her family know all too well. Anna’s parents and little sister are in Witness Protection and have had six identities in less than one year. Moving around is hard enough, but Anna has no idea why she and her family are in Witness Protection to begin with. Not only does Anna have to pick a new name and memorize her “childhood memories”, she is constantly being placed and taken out of various high schools during her senior year. HerRead More →

If you received an email from an unknown person, would you reply? Most people would delete the message without even opening it…but what if that email held the fate of your future love life? Ellie O’Neill receives an email from While the email address is unfamiliar to her, curiosity forces her to read it. The email was accidentally sent to her but the topic of the message piked her interest. This mystery person was telling Ellie about his pet pig and was unaware that he sent it to the wrong person. Ellie informs GDL824 about his accidental message to her, yet their conversation does not end there. WeeksRead More →

Have you ever wished the rich gave a small amount of their money to the poor? Or even to the less unfortunate…?  Ash and Benjamin do just that in the story, Money Run, by Jack Heath. When Ash’s mother leaves with most of the money, Ash and her father are struggling to make ends meet. Her father begins working multiple jobs, but the income is not enough. Trying to pay the bills each month was hard enough but when their house is burglarized  everything changes. Ash comes home from school to find that the television, couch, computer, phone, her bed, and other furniture pieces have beenRead More →

Lexi is a sixteen year old girl with a…yes, you guessed it, great personality! Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Lexi is determined to prove to her family and friends that she is more than a great personality. She is an average teenager who is trying to conquer independence, high school, and family drama. Lexi is known as the “girl with the great personality” in her high school. She doesn’t go out on dates, wear makeup, or dress particularly fashionable. Why waste time participating in the beauty pageant known as high school? When her friend Benny dares her to wear makeup and dress up at school,Read More →

Duncan Meade is a senior at Irving School, a prestigious, private high school that allows students to live on campus during their rigorous course studies. Not only is Duncan worried about the upcoming “Tragedy Paper” that his senior English teacher, Mr. Simon, has assigned, Duncan has to deal with the tragedy that happened at school last year. When Duncan is assigned the same room that the infamous Tim Macbeth had last year, Duncan knows that his school year will be anything but ordinary. Tim has followed the “tradition” of leaving Duncan a gift in his room. Most students receive “survival kits”, books, or even alcohol. Tim hasRead More →

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece, by Annabel Pitcher, is a touching story about a young boy named Jaime Matthews whose sister, Rose, died in a terrorist bombing. Jaime was five years old and Rose was ten when she passed away in London. After the terrorist bombing, Jaime’s mother became very distant and left the family. With Jamie’s world crashing in around him, his father decided to move him and Jasmine, Rose’s twin sister, to the quiet countryside. Jaime is constantly reminded of his sister’s death; Rose is sitting on the fireplace mantelpiece and Jaime’s father constantly puts down Muslims and refuses to acknowledge themRead More →

Messy is the second novel in the series, Spoiled! written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. Maxine McCormack is the young, female protagonist who lives in Los Angeles but has dreams of attending NYU to study in their creative writing apprenticeship program. There is only one itty, bitty problem. Maxine ( also known as Max) does not have enough money to pay for tuition. Her family cannot help her financially and Max’s current job at FU’D is anything but glamorous. Surrounded by teens who are wannabe actors and actresses, Max relies on her only friend Molly to help her find a better paying job. WhileRead More →