Right Behind You, by Gail Giles, tells the story of Kip, who when he was nine years old, he set his seven-year-old neighbor on fire because he was jealous of the baseball glove the boy received for his birthday. Three days later the boy died and Kip was committed to a facility for criminally insane juveniles, where he spends the next four years in rehabilitation. At the age of 14, Kip is released and moves with his father and stepmother to a new town, with a new name, to begin a new life. But the past is not so far behind and Kip, now knownRead More →

We have survived our move! Only a few hitches and headaches – overall a better experience than we’d hoped.  We’ve had folks in to shop already and the comments have ranged from “Wow! It’s so big!” to “I could get lost in here”.  We were able to expand all of the sections and are in the process of ordering more books to fill all this new space.  We were very fortunate to have a great group of people able to help us with this whole process. Hope you enjoy the pictures and that you’ll come visit us in person soon. Posted by CoriRead More →

Thanks to everyone who checked in with us over the last few weeks – we survived the move although we temporarily lost connection to our Blog.  We got the server situation figured out and now I can update you on the move status.  We’re 95% unpacked and the place looks fantastic! We’re all so excited about the SPACE and the growth potential! We’ve had customers come in to look around and shop and everyone’s been blown away by the new place.  We couldn’t be happier!  I’ll get some photos up soon.  Hope that you will be able to come by and check out our newRead More →