The Tension of Opposites, by debut author Kristina McBride, balances on the razor thin line between numerous opposites: pain and relief; expectation and reality; choice and fate; caution and recklessness; love and hate; and selflessness and selfishness. Noelle was abducted from her sleepy Midwestern town two years ago. And ever since, her best friend Tessa’ life has been on hold. Guarded, isolated and basically living in suspended animation, now-sophomore Tess won’t allow herself the life that Noelle can’t have.  Her only outlet and solace has been her love of photography.  When the novel begins, Noelle has escaped her captor and been able to get himRead More →

2 new YA titles that will release in June explore the challenges of building a new life in America after fleeing the turmoil in the country of one’s childhood.   Inspired by true refugee experiences, these two novels are interesting and thought-provoking explorations of challenge, change, and resilience. The Red Umbrella by debut novelist Christina Diaz Gonzalez is set in 1961, when Lucia’s carefree life in a small Cuban coast town is about to change. She’s 14 and dreams of her school-crush, her 15th birthday celebration, and of one day travelling to Paris.  But when Castro’s revolutionary soldiers come to her town, everything changes: people are arrested and executed; neighbors spy on neighbors; freedomsRead More →

Seems like forever ago that I had a chance to sit down and write a book review! I’ve got a stack of books that I’ve enjoyed since my last post in April, and notes aplenty to write reviews; I’ve just been sidetracked and busy with end of the year quotes and orders for our customers (thank you!), authors’ visits (Gayle Forman, Patrick Carman, Deb Caletti, Ridley Pearson, & Jenny Han – thanks for coming, you were all great!), and a quick trip to meet my new niece. And PBC’s 5th Birthday was May 18, 2010! So, I promise reviews and more regular posts are coming. WithRead More →