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Imagine if the living could see and experience the energy left behind by departed human beings.  Similar to television shows like Ghost Whisperer and movies like The Sixth Sense, Kim Harrington’s latest book, The Dead and Buried explores this notion of spectral visitations.  Five-year-old Colby can both see and communicate with the ghost of Kayla Sloane, whose bedroom he now occupies after his family purchased the home at6 Silver Road where Kayla died and may have been murdered. Determined to save her brother from the ghost and its threats of harm, Jade Kelley—a seventeen year old senior at Woodbridge High—promises the spirit she’ll solve the mystery surroundingRead More →

The always highly anticipated list from Patti Tjomsland “What’s New in Young Adult Literature 2013” is now available!   Phoenix Book Company is excited to be able to share this great list with you. Books are available now and you can download our order form HERE. While you’re on our blog, take a minute and read our reviews of a couple of the books from Patti’s list: Every Day by David Levithan Starters by Lissa Price And don’t forget to add shelf ready processing to your order. Click on the bar code below for more information. Happy Reading!Read More →

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Sometimes when I like a book a lot, I have a hard time writing a succinct review of it. I just want to tell you everything about it, gush profusely about the use of language, the richness of both the characters and the setting, give a huge shout out for the deftly executed plot, and overwhelm you with so much detail that you don’t even need to read the book itself.  So the book sits on my desk, waiting for my feeble attempts to due it justice.  Blue Balliett‘s latest, Hold Fast, is one of those books.  From the the very first page, I wasRead More →

It was, I’m sure, pure coincidence that the two books I recently read had main characters named Jane whose death seemed all but inevitable.  Loosely connected by the thread of “Janes in constant danger”, Helen Keeble’s campy, funny debut  Fang Girl and Graham McNamee’s spooky Beyond took me from the dark nights in a British suburb to the even darker, rainy nights in a small village on Canada’s “rain coast.” Waking up disoriented, in a small dark space, to the sound of a mobile phone ringing, Xanthe “Jane” Greene, realizes very quickly that she is dead. No, actually, she’s not dead, she’s undead. As in vampire undead.Read More →

Hokey Pokey is a place where kids live moment to moment wrapped up in all things “kid”: Cartoons, Bike Riding, Tantrums, Wild Play, Exploring Stuff, and just being Kids.  Here babies become “kids” and boys and girls while away their days in the pure joy and freedom of a life without cares, worries about tomorrow, or concerns beyond “what’s next?”.   There’s the timeless flavor of 1950’s America permeating every corner of Hokey Pokey, gilded by an innocence and wide-eyed wonder that in its purest form represents every adult’s fondest memories of care-free childhood days. For Jack, being the leader of the kids in HokeyRead More →

Phoenix Book Company is pleased to share with you Peggy Sharp‘s What’s New in Children’s Literature 2013. Books are available now, click on this link to download an order form.   Read our reviews of two of the great books on the list: Liar & Spy – Rebecca Stead May B. – Caroline Starr Rose   Don’t forget to add shelf ready processing to your book quote!  Ask us how today.Read More →

I’ll admit, it took me two readings to get into Gina Linko‘s Flutter.  The first time through I just couldn’t connect with the story, the characters, or the premise.  So I took a break from it and after coming back to it recently, find that the second pass yielded a somewhat more interesting story and perhaps a more patient, attentive reader.  Which is fitting, in a way, since 17 year old Emery has spent her entire life revisiting a past or discovering a yet-as-lived future, when she “flutters” away from reality into a seizure-induced alternate state.  While she finds a calmness and peace in herRead More →