The Destiny of Linus Hoppe

In the not-to-distant future, civilization is divided into 4 realms: the privilidged classes in Realm One, living a life of comfort, safety and ease; the working classes living in an overly industrialized Realm Two that isn’t much different from today’s dirty industrial cities; social misfits, outcasts and dangerous elements in a harsh, prison-like Realm Three; and a foreboding, frightening Realm Four from which no one and no real information returns.  And all that divides these Realms and their citizens is a mysterious Test that all citizens take when they’re 14. It’s administered by the Great Processor and no one challenges the test or the results.

14 year linushoppeold Linus Hoppe is a resident of Realm One outside Paris, living a seemingly contented suburban life.  He’s troubled by the impending test and his apprehension about what will happen to him afterward.  Linus doesn’t believe in the system that structures his society; he believes there should be more to life – choice, freedom and more equality.  So Linus, his best friend (whose social irreverence has him bound for Realm Three no matter how well he does on the test), and Linus’ older sister start down a dangerous, shadowy path to challenge the system and change his destiny.

The Destiny of Linus Hoppeis written with a economy of style, a quick plot and straightforward narrative.  Linus’ world is eerily similar to our own and the system and its total control over the population has parallels to other futuristic, technological dystopia stories.  The danger that surrounds Linus confuses him, his friends, and the reader and no one knows what’s really going on.  The story ends in an unsettling cliff-hanger that is set to be resolved in the companion thriller, The Second Life of Linus Hoppe.

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