I may have been watching too much Buffy: The Vampire Slayer lately, but…demonprincess

16 year old Nikki’s just moved to another town and unlike other schools, seems to have been able to make friends with the most popular girl in school. And, the cutest guy has just asked her to attend the winter formal dance.  But then a strange, secretive guy starts stalking her.  When Michael finally catches up to Nikki, he reveals that her long-lost father is actually a demon king, charged with protecting the Shadowlands and prohibiting the demons of Hell from reaching Earth.  Now that Nikki is 16, her powers as a Darkling, half-human, half-demon will emerge. And to top it all off, her dad is dying and she has to take over his throne.

So now her life’s way more complicated than she could have imagined: getting to know the father she thought had abandoned her; coming to terms with being a demon princess and a Darkling; being unable to ever leave the Shadowlands if she takes the throne; fighting off demon assassins that are hunting her; mastering the politics and devilish intentions of the demons and other worldly inhabitants of the Shadowlands; being sick to death of being told what to do and what her duties and obligations are; and oh, yeah, trying not to fall for Michael, a total hottie who is totally forbidden.

Michelle Rowen’s Demon Princess: Reign or Shineis a fun, slightly campy, irreverent story that seems to me very much in the vein of Joss Whedon’s heroine, Buffy, and her adventures.  Full of demons, tough heroines, magic, sexy, forbidden guys, teen angst, high school cliques and smart-aleck dialog, it’s sure to please teen reads whose favorites include The Princess Diaries, The Twilight Saga, and of course Buffy.

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