Perfect You

perfect You

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott is the story of Kate, and how her life is falling apart. Her father quit his job to buy and operate a Perfect You vitamin booth. Kate is forced to work at this both after school, causing severe irreversible damage. Add the fact that her best friends is no longer speaking to her, and Kate has absolutely nothing positive going on in her life.

Enter Will. Amazing, so out-of-her-league Will. Kate cannot stop thinking about him, and when he starts paying more attention to her, she thinks it is to good to be true. But the more he tries to interact with her, the more she hates herself. And the more she pushes him away. When everything starts to change though, Kate must learn to let things happen for they are not as terrible as they may seem…

This is a great book for readers who are not looking for a thoroughly dramatic read, but something that will make their problems disappear, if only for an afternoon. Kate’s voice is not completely developed and changes throughout the text. Readers may become tired of her negative attitude near the end of the novel, but it changes just in time for the satisfactory conclusion. Perfect You is a melodramatic novel for all the readers who are looking for an enjoyable escape.

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