Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

Ink ExchangeAnother great book by Melissa Marr! Ink Exchange is cleverly more of a continuation than a sequel. In Wicked Lovely the story revolved around Aislynn, Seth & Keenan. They appear throughout Ink Exchange but it focuses instead on Aislynn’s mortal friend Leslie and the faeries Niall and Irial. I am already looking forward to another book! There are so many other characters with interesting stories to tell. Will the third book be about Ani, Rabbit, Gabriel, Bananach, or the Winter Queen? It gets me thinking about other books and wondering how many other stories could come from minor characters that you usually pay little attention to.

Leslie, the main character, deals with the aftermath of sexual abuse and a drug-abusing and dealing brother.  After a tattoo binds her to Irial, the dark faerie king, Leslie must find the strength to break her connection/addiction to him and deal with past pain on her own. Very mature situations make this book appropriate for older readers.

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