Magic or Madness

Magic or MadnessThe first book in a trilogy, Magic or Madness, by Australian author Justine Larbalestier, is the mesmerizing story of 15-year-old Reason Cansino, who has lived with her mother in the Australian bush on the run from her grandmother her whole life. When her mother goes insane, Reason is sent to live with her grandmother, whom her mother has taught her to believe is an evil witch.

Once in Sydney, Reason must decipher the mixed messages she received from her mother growing up about the magic her grandmother practiced, and the neat, seemingly normal picture her grandmother presents to her. When she discovers a secret key and a long-dead cat buried in the basement, Reason’s revulsion propels her to the next stage of her discovery, a door through which she enters New York City.  Cold, alone, and very confused she is befriended by another 15-year-old girl, Jay-Tee, whose motives are not as they appear on the surface.

Told in alternating authentic teenage voices, this is a story of self-discovery, growing strength, and of finding a balance in human relationships.  The story unfolds for the reader as Reason pieces together who she is, the exploration of magic as both good and evil, and the realization that predators prey on the ignorance of others all combine to create a captivating book, which hints at 2 more excellent books in the Magic or Madness Trilogy.

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