Ribbit Rabbit

ribbitrabbitRibbit Rabbit by Candace Ryan, illustrated by Mike Lowery, is the story of two best friends, Frog and Bunny. They do everything together, swimming, eating peanut butter sandwiches, fighting monsters, and playing, but sometimes Frog and Bunny don’t get along. When they are apart, they learn that lots of things are more fun with your friends, so they eventually make their way back to each other, apologizing and playing on.

This absolutely adorable picture book is great for young children. Its repetitive text, clever and simple word play, and cute illustrations perfectly depict how little things and big things can make you fight, but its important to work it out together. Young children will enjoy the fun word play and will learn about frustration, fights, and how to cooperate with your friends (and siblings).┬áThe tongue-twisting narrative is a blast to read aloud, and kids will have fun with the unique illustrations and joining in for the “ribbit, rabbit” on each page. This simple but fun book could find a home on almost anyone’s shelf.

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