The AlchemystThe Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) tells the story of teen twins Sophie and Josh who discover that a San Francisco bookstore owner, Nick Flemming, is really Nicholas Flamel, a nearly 700 year old alchemist who created the elixir of life.  His enemy, Dr. John Dee, steals the Codex, an ancient book containing the secrets of magic, and a prophecy regarding the twins. As Flamel and the twins race to recover the book, they are pursued by Dee and the members of the Elder race who are the source of most of humanity’s ancient myths and legends.  Throughout this riveting book, Elders and other magical creatures line up on both sides of an electrifying conflict that can destroy the world.

Michael Scott, an Irish author and mythology expert has woven together myths, the Flamel legends, and other stories from around the world into an excitment-packed, fantasy adventure that will keep genre fans hooked with enough references to keep the mind working.  Scott’s characters, setting and plot are intricate, intresting, and not the typical fantasy/alternate history of earth that even non-fantasy readers will enjoy. It’s intriguing to see how ancient gods & goddesses would live in today’s world and the action moves at breath-taking speed, keeping the reader engaged from start to finish.

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