Reader’s Review: The Glass Puzzle

When cousins Zoe and Ian discover a mysterious glass puzzle in their Grandfather’s home in Tenby, Wales, they discover that their town is far more than they ever anticipated. They have always been adventurous, but when they put it together, horrible monsters called Scravens fly from the puzzle and escape into the town. They soon discover that the puzzle is a magical portal to another dimension; a dimension that the sunken island of Wythernsea has reappeared within. Can these two 11-year-olds really stop the Scravens from taking over their beloved town? Or worse, the entire world?

The Glass Puzzle by Christine Brodien-Jones is a wonderful story of magic and adventure unlike anything. I loved the unique choice of setting for its originality. I had never heard of it until I read this book, and that’s something that a great author does; introduces the reader to something new. Christine has done a fantastic job with that. My only pet peeves with this book were the acceleration and the description. The book progressed very quickly. By page 16, they were already seeing “demon people,” and by page 37, they had released Scravens into Tenby. Clearly, it moved fast. The other problem was the description. For example, as they prepared to fight the Scravens, Ian and Zoe said that is would be “to the death.” I didn’t feel this was appropriate, because Christine didn’t really make it seem scary or exciting enough. This book would really appeal to 3rd-6th grade children, in my opinion. Overall, this book really was creative and unique in several different ways, and kept me reading until the end.

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