mudvilleKurtis Scaletta’s novel about a cursed Minnesota town and its youth baseball team is a home run.  Moundville has seen 22 years straight of rain – is it a curse or just freaky weather?  

Roy McGuire knows he’s in for a dreary, wet summer.  Baseball camp is over but when he returns home, he finds a foster kid named Sturgis sprawled out on his couch. As if this isn’t weird enough, just a few days after Sturgis’s arrival, the sun comes out. No one can explain why the rain has finally stopped, but as far as Roy’s concerned, it’s time to play some baseball. It’s time to get a Moundville team together and finish what was started 22 years ago. It’s time for a rematch.

Mudville captures the moment in time when a kid realizes that life is more complicated that he thought before; that adults (and kids) spend their lives balancing or struggling against the weather of their own desires, needs and regrets; and that coming together in sport can help right old wrongs, strengthen relationships, and give hope back to a rain-soaked town.

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