Dark Lord: School’s Out (A Fiend in Need)

Dirk Lloyd, I mean Jamie Thomson, continues his harrowing, humorous tales of exile in Dark Lord: Schools Out.

While Dirk has “acclimated” to the inane and foolish customs of the humans amongst whom he’s been exiled, he still chaffs and the confines of his magic-deprived, powerless human banishment.  His attempt to return to The Darklands has gone tragically wrong and instead of finding himself back home, somehow his minion Sooz has been transported there instead.  Tormented by the injustice of this, the Dark Lord insists that Chris, his only remaining minion, help him contact Sooz and save her from what Dirk knows will be a terrible fate at the hands of his evil, blood thirsty followers.

Little does the Dark Lord suspect, however, that Sooz has formed her own alliances in the remains of his former kingdom, even going so far as to welcome a Paladin who was once bent on the Dark Lord’s destruction into her court.  The Moon Queen, as Sooz has been named, her Paladin knight, and her own dark army, all must band together against The Black Slayer and Dirk’s arch-nemesis Lord Hasdruban, as they wage an all out war to destroy her.  Now, with only a magically modified mobile phone to connect them, Sooz and Dirk must work together to save Dirk’s beloved kingdom and, loathe as he is to admit it, his friend’s life.

Funny, quirky, and snarky, School’s Out is an action-packed installment in the Dark Lord series.  Kooky drawings of monsters, goblins, and all manner of ghoulish creatures fill out the horror element, and combined with Dirk’s maniacal, self-righteous obtuseness, make for an enjoyable read.

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