Five Elements: The Shadow City

shadowcitySet in San Francisco, Five Elements: The Shadow City by Dan Jolley tells the story of five young elementalists trapped in a magickal nightmare.  Together, the youth must combine their powers to fight the Eternal Dawn, an apocalyptic cult trying to merge two worlds into one so that Earth will be swallowed by Arcadia. 

By speaking the language of dirt and rocks and sand, twelve-year-old Kazuo Smith can bend the earth to his will.  Thirteen-year-old Lily Hernandez has a similar ability with air, her twin brother, Brett, can harness the powers of water, Gabe Conway possesses the power of fire, and Jackson Wright is magick bound—a required link in order for the ritual to work.

Although their powers are incredibly useful, they are also seriously dangerous if not channeled correctly.  According to Uncle Steve: “Magick is poison, Gabe.  Spend too much time with it, and it leaves a mark” (185).  And the Dawn won’t go down without a fight. Arcadian monsters like leviathans with giant tentacles and fang-filled mouths; abyssal bats with knife-sharp talons and razor-sharp teeth; and apographons, copies/replicas with a human likeness meant to mimic and trick are among the creatures sent to deter The Five.

The Five are continuing the research begun by Dr. Steven Conway and Greta Jaeger who were attempting to destroy the demon dimension.  Their efforts resulted in Uncle Steve’s capture and Greta’s losing her sanity and eventually her life.  In order to rescue Gabe’s Uncle and to save the world from the insanity of Gabe’s evil ancestor, Jonathan Thorne, The Five must learn the secrets of the Emerald Tablet and assemble the artifacts required to perform an ancient ritual.

This is the second book in the Five Elements series with additional installments planned.  With plenty of mythological allusions and battles against horrifying creatues, Jolley appeals to young readers who crave adventure and fantasy stories.

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