Horns & Wrinkles by Joseph Helgerson

I thoroughly enjoyed this book including Nicoletta Ceccoli’s beautiful illustrations throughout. The adventure begins when “rivery” magic gives Claire’s bullying cousin Duke a horn instead of a nose. Similar to Pinochio’s nose, whenever he bullies someone, his horn grows as he slowly transforms into a rhinocerous. Only an act of true kindness will return him to himself, but Duke is too mean and selfish to care. He runs away and gets involved with some mischievous trolls who turn his family into stone. Claire agrees to help the trolls so that she can save her stony relatives and attempt to save Duke from himself. It’s a fun story with a satisfying ending. I like that the author left some details for you to wonder about, such as what the Blue-wing Fairy sees when she looks into Claire’s eyes. I hope to find out in a future book. I would recommend Horns & Wrinkles for all ages.

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