Love Letters for Joy by Melissa See

Melissa See describes her novel Love Letters for Joy as “a love letter in itself—to disability, queer identity, and the intersectionality of the two.” Set in New York City, Love Letters for Joy tells the story of Joy Corvi, a quiet, academically-minded girl with cerebral palsy who wants the world to see her for who she is, not for her condition. Working hard to achieve valedictorian honors, Joy is in competition with her academic rival, fellow senior, Nathaniel Wright. Both hope to attend California Institute of Biology where they will pursue degrees in medicine.

Because Joy, who attends Caldwell Preparatory Academy, wonders if there is a formula for romance, she writes to the Academy’s resident romance expert: Caldwell Cupid. After considerable correspondence, Joy finds herself falling in love with this unknown individual with whom she feels a special bond.

Although the reader discovers the ruse early in the book, Joy’s story is one with a happily ever after, despite being sprinkled with adversity and a few surprises.

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