Schooled by Gordon Korman

SchooledSchooled, by Gordon Korman

Capricorn has had a sheltered childhood growing up on an isolated old farm commune with his hippie grandmother. When she is injured and cannot care for him for two months he is forced to enter the real world and attend middle school in town. At first all the kids treat “Cap” terribly because he is so different. He is easily confused by the strange, foreign environment of middle school!  His innocent, kind and peace-loving nature help him to acclimate and eventually even win the kids over. It was interesting to follow the story from the different points of view of various people telling the story: Cap; the social worker he lives with temporarily; her pretty high-school aged daughter who at first hates Cap; the most popular jock at school; the most unpopular nerd; a popular girl; and the principal. I really enjoyed the different personalities and how they grew, particularly Cap. A fun book!

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