Sparrow Being Sparrow by Gail Donovan

Set in Maine, Sparrow Being Sparrow by Gail Donovan and illustrated by Elysia Case is a novel for middle grade readers. It features Sarah Robinson, aka Sparrow, who is a fourth grader at Eastbrook Elementary School.

High-spirited and imaginative, Sparrow loves to dance and leap. In one of Sparrow’s rambunctious moments, her neighbor Mrs. LaRose leaps with Sparrow and ends up breaking a hip. As a way to make amends for what she sees as her fault, Sparrow takes care of Mrs. LaRose’s seven cats.

Besides being a story about developing responsibility, Sparrow Being Sparrow also addresses other middle grade issues. Along with Sparrow, readers will learn that being friends isn’t always easy and that understanding grown-ups is complicated, too.

One of the novel’s most insightful moments occurs when Sparrow realizes that silence can be both comforting and disconcerting. An upset friend’s silence hurts, but the silence of a softly ticking clock, a humming refrigerator, and a purring cat can be peaceful.

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