If You’ll Have Me is a graphic novel by Eunnie. The story’s protagonist is college freshman Momo Garnder. Sensitive and somewhat withdrawn, Momo is awkward with dating and friendships. Being single, she escapes the relationship drama she sees all-around her, but she also realizes she’s missing out on the fun.

Caring about others gives Momo pleasure, so she’s always doing favors for others: sharing notes, loaning money, and serving as a designated driver.  However, in the process, she forgets the value of self-care.

When one of Momo’s college friends tells her to “live a little,” Momo dares to open up to others. Soon, she finds herself in the middle of a possible relationship with PG, a girl who has a reputation for being a player and a flirt. Momo’s best friend and roommate, Kayla warns Momo about this reputation so as to prevent her from getting hurt, but all that does is alienate the two friends and make Momo feel unworthy.

Many readers will relate to the poignant drama that unfolds under the influence of Eunnie’s pen. Although Momo is used to people liking her for what she can do for them, not for her personality, she has to learn to trust that she might be the kind of girl who gets asked out.

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