Gigi Shin Is Not a Nerd by Lyla Lee

A novel for middle-grade readers, Gigi Shin Is Not a Nerd by Lyla Lee tells the story of a seventh grade mixed race girl, Ji-Young who selected the American name Gigi. Living in Texas, Gigi draws for adventure. Although her parents want her to pursue a career that privileges math and science, Gigi loves art and creating comic characters like Meteor Girl and Choir Boy. When the opportunity to attend Starscape, a prestigious summer art camp, comes along, Gigi is determined to attend.

However, when Gigi asks her parents about the camp, they tell her that money is tight. Frustrated by their lack of support when they have money for her nine-year-old brother to attend robotics camp, Gigi decides to find a way to pay for the camp herself. She and her friends Carolina Garcia, Zeina Hassan, and Emma Chang form a tutoring club called the Ace Squad.

With Gigi Shin Is Not a Nerd, Lee spins a story that explores the challenges that the four girls have navigating club chaos, parents, peer groups, friendship conflicts, and even crushes.

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