Breaking Up (A Fashion High Graphic Novel)

At the start of their junior year at Georgia O’Keefe School for the Arts (aka Fashion High), Chloe, Mackenzie, Isabel and Erika are best friends. But over the couse of the year their friendship is seriously tested as each girl faces a variety of personal challenges and has to make hard choices about who she is, what she wants, and what’s important to her.   breakingup

The story is told through Chloe’s illustrated journal as she looks back over a year that has altered the rules of their friendships and their social standing at school. Trying to make sense of everything that’s happened, the story chronicles the trust, friendship and love their girls once had and the hurt, cruelty and betrayal they experience as the year progresses.

Aimee Friedman’s  Breaking Up is a fun and insightful exploration of the difficult time in life when teen girls have to reconcile changing friendships and to accept each other’s choices and new interests.  Christine Norrie’s art is perfectly matched to Friedman’s story; it adds depth and meaning as well as background to the narrative.  A great collaboration that produced an enjoyable book.

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