Patron Saint of Butterflies

Grand Canyon 2010 Nominee--Teen Non-Voting
Grand Canyon 2010 Nominee--Teen Non-Voting

Cecilia Galante’s Patron Saint of Butterflies ¬†follows the story of two young girls, Agnes and Honey, as they realize that the religious commune that they’ve spent their entire lives on is not like the rest of the world–and when all is not as it seems on the commune with its charismatic leader, the changes are for the better. Told in alternating narratives between the two girls, Galante weaves the two (very different) perspectives into an inspirational tale about friendship, faith, healing, and family.¬†

The book, while it contains some heavier themes, handles delicate situations and broaches some serious topics with grace. The two-perspective approach allows you to form a uniquely whole image of these girls and their lives through their eyes. Agnes is a proud Believer, and her forays into the world outside the commune are filled with firsts (like Wal-Mart and McDonald’s) that she experiences in a completely opposite manner than Honey–who relishes every second she isn’t on the commune. The girls histories weave together and their friendship is tested, but in the end, true friendship and love win out.

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