How to Save a Life, the latest from Sara Zarr, is an emotionally honest, engrossing, and raw journey from loss and heartbreak to trust and hope.  Two young women, both broken and running away from wrenching pain, take turns telling their stories in well developed, distinct, truthful voices. High school senior Jill’s dad was killed in a car accident ten months ago and his sudden death has all but destroyed Jill’s world. Her raging anger has alienated everyone who tried to support her, has left her feeling lost and isolated, and is keeping her from seeing any hope or possibility of happiness in her future.Read More →

Sitting under a blanket, with a cup of hot cocoa, watching the snow fall… ok, so in AZ I can do the first two and enjoy Winter Town, the latest from Stephen Emond, but alas, no snow here.  But it’s not really necessary, since Emond does a good job creating a sense of winter on every page of Winter Town: the cold gray skies; the biting wind and thick blankets of snow; the pristine landscape; the almost harsh feeling in the air late at night when it’s far below zero.  And of course, the feeling of isolation, the sense of reflection and doubt, and theRead More →