This week, we Three P’s and B.B.W are in complete agreement about our pick of book & puppet combo: Skippyjon Jones Lost in Spice!  Action, adventure, the Chimichango Gang and bossy Martian-itos… in other words, more fun with Skippyjon Jones!  Our favorite Siamese kitty boy who knows he’s a Chihuahua has an amazing out of this world adventure on the Planet Mars and with a Skippyjon Jones puppet, everyone can have fun going along for the ride! And you can have lots of fun with Skippito Friskito on his website! Posted by B.B.W. & the Three P’sRead More →

If B.B.W. weren’t the toughest, fiercest wolf on the block, he’d be a pirate sailing the 7 seas, living a life of fun, adventure and causing trouble!  Which is why his pick this week for a fun book & puppet combo is Margaret Mahy’s The Horrendous Hullabaloo and the Scarlett Macaw puppet.  When Peregrine the Pirate isn’t out at sea, he loves to attend pirate parties and he has fun, fun, fun! The Three P’s like this story too since Peregrine’s Aunt and his parrot, who aren’t invited to the pirate parties, decide to have a party of their own. When all the parrot’s friendsRead More →

This week the Three P’s recommend Jane & The Magician as a great story about a brave knight, Jane, and her Dragon, who go on a quest through the kingdom to find the Missing Magician.  The Magician has been up to some mischief, making a terrible storm, full of lightning & thunder and gallons & gallons of rain.  His great storm is flooding the kingdom, and it’s up to Jane and her dragon to convince the Magician to make things right. BBW recommends this awesome new dragon puppet from Folkmanis as a perfect accompaniment to this great adventure story.  Who doesn’t love the teeth on this guy?Read More →

Our pick for best book & puppet combo this week is our friend the Scaredy Squirrel.  Life in his tree is safe (“we Three P’s like safe”) but boring.  Look at the view, eat a nut, be afraid of all the scary things in the world (killer bees, sharks, germs); that’s Squirrel’s day in a nutshell (pun intended).  But then something happens and Squirrel has to leave the tree in a hurry and discovers – wow! the world isn’t as scary as he thought!  He will be Ok; heck, he can even have some fun!  We think this is a great book, especially for thoseRead More →

Our pick this week for an awesome puppet / book combo is Chris Gall’s Dinotrux and these fierce dinosaur puppets from Folkmanis!  We love reading about the prehistoric trucks roaming the earth and have even more fun roaring and stomping along with the story! Plus, B.B.W. is crazy about the teeth on that dinosaur stage puppet!  Those are some ferocious choppers!        Posted by B.B.W. & the Three P’sRead More →