Reader’s Review: Cloaked

I love fairy tales! Who hasn’t thought about what they’d wish for if they had 3 magic wishes or dreamed of finding Prince Charming? Alex Flinncloaked, once again, weaves real life and fairy tale magic together to take us on a fun and sometimes funny romp.

Johnny and his mom own a shoe repair store in an expensive hotel. Business is not so good and teenage Johnny has to spend 12-18 hours a day there. When a guest at the hotel, an exotic princess, notices him and his work ethic she asks him to help find her brother. The twist? The prince has been cursed by a witch and turned into a frog! Both Johnny and the reader are eventually persuaded that there COULD be magic in the world, couldn’t there? The quest to find the frog prince takes Johnny to the Florida Keys where he’s aided by a fox, a flock of swans and his best friend. Apparently there are lots of animals in the world who once were human, were cursed and now await specific deeds to restore them to humanity. The princess gave Johnny a special device that allows him to understand and communicate with them. With their help and dauntless determination, Johnny overcomes dangerous obstacles and tests in his quest to find the prince. 

Cloaked is fast paced, clever and entertaining. I appreciate that there is nothing inappropriate or offensive in the text. Fiction and fairy tale lovers will love this book!  

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