Reader’s Review: Three Great Books About Love and Loyalty


lingerLingerby Maggie Stiefvater

Lingeris the sequel to Stiefvater’s romance, Shiver.  In Linger, Sam and Grace can now be together, but their life is too complicated: Sam’s the guardian of the pack and there’s trouble when wolf Beck changes a guy name Cole.  As it turns out, Cole is famous rock star so it becomes much harder to keep the pack a secret. Later in the story, Grace start to get sick, which leads to a big surprise at the end. I liked this book because it’s a lot like Romeo and Juliet. I think Linger is a good book for people to read because shows that people will do crazy things for love.    



mistwoodMistwoodby Leah Cypess

This book is about a girl who is a shapeshifter who’s always protected her king. But then the prince captures the Shifter and she allows herself to be tamed and become part of his court.  As she adapts to her human form and court life, she loses her ability to change shape and eventually finds out who she really is. I like this book because it’s unique and I think people should read this because it’s awesome.  Mistwoodis a really good book that will make your curiosity run wild.




firelightFirelight by Sophie Jordan

Jacinda is a girl who is very unique creature in her kingdom; not only is she descended from dragons, but Jacinda has the special ability to breathe fire.  Her people can appear human to hide from hunters, but she breaks the rules of her community and attracts hunters.  But the beautiful boy who hunts her falls in love with Jacinda and lets her go.  As punishment, Jacinda is exiled from her people and then finds herself again with the boy who hunted her.  Jacinda realizes that even though she finds love, she and Will can never be together. I recommend Firelight because it’s a really good love story and one you will never forget.


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