Jerk, California

Jerk, CaliforniaJerk, California by Jonathan Friesen, is the story of Sam Carrier. All Sam can dream of is being an average guy who can actually talk to the beautiful and perfect Naomi. However, Sam has Tourette’s syndrome, which causes his body to twitch and tic and his mouth to not cooperate with his head. However, Sam’s life is about to change, through the long lost words of his deceased father and his new (and unexpected) friends. The journey he embarks on is one of self acceptance, love, and finding out just who you are in the world.

As Jonathan Friesen’s debut novel, Jerk, California is one of the most eye-opening books I have read in a long time. Told in a voice that anyone can relate to, this touching story reveals how life can change in an instant. From the unique perspective of someone dealing with Tourette’s, everyday events are thrown into a completely different light, one that teaches readers just how harmful words can be. Friesen accomplishes this without falling into a preachy trap, instead, Sam’s narrative and journey speaks through his experience, creating a touching and heartwarming story.

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