Planning a DonorsChoose donation? Act before Dec 30 and have your donation doubled, here’s how!

donorschooseFrom Huffington Post Education:

Big new DonorsChoose matching grant efforts

By: Craig Newmark

Hey, you’ve already seen our support for, where you can help kids in school by supporting their teachers’ projects. The deal is that teachers often have to fund projects or even buy supplies from their way-too-low salaries. You can help out with small contributions. They have a new matching effort, here’s what they say: Join to pick your passion from thousands of classroom projects, and give back this holiday season. Use the match code REALSIMPLE to double your donation. People can donate to any project(s) on and use the code REALSIMPLE at checkout to be matched up to $500. has $25,000 backing the campaign, which runs until the funds are exhausted, or December 30, whichever comes first.

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