YALSA’s Great Ideas Contest – You Could Win $250


YALSA needs your Great Ideas – and you could win $250 in cash! They’re looking for creative assistance from YOU to help YALSA achieve its goals. Each year, the contest focuses on YALSA’s Strategic Plan. Great ideas like yours will help YALSA achieve the goals of:

  • Advocacy & Activism
  • Research & Documentation of Best Practice
  • Continuous Learning & Professional Development
  • Member Recruitment & Engagement
  • Capacity Building & Organizational Development

Who Can Apply?

All current YALSA members are encouraged to apply.

Planning For Your Proposal

The first step is to review the Strategic Plan including the objectives and strategies. Ideas must fit under a goal area and objective. Before preparing an application, make sure that YALSA is not already implementing your idea. Consider visiting the YALSA website to look at the various projects and initiatives already in place or in the works. 

Proposal Guidelines

  1. Complete the online application (Word doc). Be sure to include a full specific description of your idea including your objectives, the benefit to members, and how it can best be implemented by YALSA.
  2. Explain how this idea specifically fits under YALSA’s Strategic Plan goals and objectives.
  3. List potential expenses that YALSA would take on and estimate the total cost. Consider all costs including staffing, printing, marketing, technology, and so on
  4. The proposal is evaluated on the following criteria:  the idea clearly addresses the stated goal as outlined in the strategic plan, 2) is realistic in scope, 3) shows creativity or innovation, 4) significantly impacts members, 5) is cost efficient, and 6) the application is clear, concise, and complete. See the provided rubric for details regarding how each criterion is assessed.
  5. Submit the application by emailing it to yalsa@ala.org. Applications are due March 16, 2012.

Winners will be notified by phone, and announced the week of April 23, 2012. In the case of a tie, winners will split the prize. The individual prize is worth up to $250 and the winner will receive a certificate of appreciation from YALSA. Implementations of ideas are contingent upon the approval of the YALSA Board.

Please direct questions to Priscille Dando, Strategic Planning Committee Chair, at pdando@gmail.com.

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