Mr. And Mrs. Bunny – Detectives Extraordinaire!

bunnyPolly Horvath’s latest is a heart-warming little gem about a girl in need of some security, a pair of empty-nesters in need of a new hobby, and a villainous bunch of bad guys looking to cause a lot of trouble.  When self-sufficient, hard-working 5th grader Madeline arrives home one evening, she discovers her flighty, hippie parents have gone missing:  all that’s left is a threatening note from “The Enemy” and a recipe card written in code.  Turns out Flo and Mildred (Madeline’s parents) have been kidnapped by a gang of Foxes who are in search of a Master Decoder to decode their gangs’ recipes for rabbit products and rabbit by-products!  Desperate for help, Madeline hires a pair of detectives, not worried at all that they are a pair of rabbits.  Mr. & Mrs. Bunny, donning newly purchased, fashionable fedoras (the essential headgear of all private detectives!), set to work gathering clues, hunting down suspects, and giving Madeline some much needed parental attention.  Together the trio faces The Marmot, the dreaded Bunny Council, and the evil foxes to solve the Case of The Missing Parents. And along the way, Madeline discovers that Mrs. Bunny’s soothing cups of tea and Mr. Bunny’s confidence in any situation make her feel safe and supported, things she never realized that she was missing.

Filled with old fashioned charm, quirky characters, and hilarious escapades, bunny-lovers, budding detectives, and anyone who loves a good story will eat up Mr. and Mrs. Bunny – Detectives Extraordinaire! like a piece of scrumptious carrot cake and look forward to another helping.

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