Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard holds true to the title. Eleanor Fitt is the young protagonist living in 1800’s Philadelphia dealing with the usual problems of a young woman including fitting into a corset, being married off by her mother, and escaping zombies?! That’s right! When Elijah (Eleanor’s brother) does not get off his train in Philadelphia, Eleanor and her mother begin to worry. To make it worse, a zombie has hand delivered a note to Eleanor written by Elijah telling her not to worry and he will be home when he can. Philadelphia is being over run by zombies and Eleanor has a feeling her missing brother is caught up in the chaos.

Eleanor teams up with the Spirit Hunters, a unit group of people who have been called in to Philadelphia to investigate and find the Spirit who is ordering hundreds of bodies to awaken from their coffins. Daniel, one of the Spirit Hunters, is quickly admired by Eleanor and she risks her reputation and time to investigate the zombie attack and find her missing brother. Will Eleanor find her brother in time before the zombies kill him? Will the Spirit Hunters find the evil spirit before it awakens the entire cemetery and kills off the population of Philadelphia?

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