The Mask of Destiny (The Archer Legacy)

In the last installment of the action packed Archer Legacy, Gerald Wilkins and his friends Ruby and Sam are finally going to be able to put the danger posted by the ruthless Mason Green behind them and get on with their normal (well, normal for a billionaire) lives.  But just as  Mason Green’s murder trial is getting under way, Mason is mysteriously killed and Gerald is framed for his murder.  Now, Gerald is left with only one choice – to run – and his faithful friends join him in the quest to clear his name.  Their journey takes them from London to France, then to Italy and ultimately, to Greece, where all the clues they’ve gathered in their adventures lead them to the greatest treasure on earth.

Intrigue, murder, life-threatening scrapes, and cleverly placed clues abound in Richard Newsome‘s The Mask of Destiny.  This thrill ride is a perfect summer-time read, neatly tying up may of the plot points from the first two books in the series and expanding on three already likeable characters’ personal stories and interactions.  Gerald, Ruby and Sam are smart, determined, and fun kids who will be liked by both boys and girls.  Their adventures are brimming with interesting historical, archaeological, and mythological details that add a richness to an already fun, engagingly twisted plot.  If you haven’t already gotten into The Archer Legacy, don’t waste another minute – dive right in and race from Book One all the way to the end with The Mask of Destiny before the summer is over!

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