Messy is the second novel in the series, Spoiled! written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. Maxine McCormack is the young, female protagonist who lives in Los Angeles but has dreams of attending NYU to study in their creative writing apprenticeship program. There is only one itty, bitty problem. Maxine ( also known as Max) does not have enough money to pay for tuition. Her family cannot help her financially and Max’s current job at FU’D is anything but glamorous. Surrounded by teens who are wannabe actors and actresses, Max relies on her only friend Molly to help her find a better paying job.

While searching on Craigslist, Molly stumbles on an ad posted by “teen actress/It Girl” who is offering a nice salary to create a blog following her life and career. The only catch is that the writer cannot expose themselves; they must write the blog as if they were the actress themselves and pose as a ‘manager’ when in the public eye. Molly forces Max to apply and nothing could have prepared Max for her interview. Especially when she came face to face with Brooke Berlin; Molly’s stuck up, dramatic half sister.

Can Max work with Brooke long enough to earn her NYU tuition money and keep quiet? Or will the drama of reveal more secrets than Hollywood can handle? Messy is a fun novel that will not leave their reader bored and disappointed.

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