Poppy, Marcus, Azumi, Dash, and Dylan are five children who do not know anything about one another until they meet in the Shadow House. Poppy is an orphan living in a group home with other young women. She is different than the other girls and has difficulty making friends. Recently, every time Poppy looks into the mirror, there is a Girl staring back at her. Suddenly, Poppy comes across a letter addressed to her from a Great-Aunt Delphinia who invites her to come live with her on her estate. Poppy eagerly grabs her belongings, and runs out the door. Marcus, a talented musician, seems toRead More →

Joanna Gordon is a high school senior, who is looking forward to her last year with her best friend Dana. Joanna and Dana have experienced a lot together; both girls came out of the closet and have stuck by one another when faced with issues regarding their sexuality. Even Joanna’s father accepts who she is, which means a lot because he is an evangelist with his own radio show. However, Joanna is not the only woman in her dad’s life anymore. Elizabeth Gordon, or as Joanna likes to call her, “Three”, is her dad’s new wife. (She’s his third wife, hence her nickname.) Joanna does not mindRead More →

What if there was an invention that could create ANYTHING you could imagine? For ten year old Tim, this invention is not only real, it is life changing! Tim was recently adopted by Elisa and Chris Green, owners of the Dawn Store Hotel. Tim’s adoption was finalized just two weeks before the hotel opened, which means Elisa and Chris have been very busy working. This gives Tim plenty of time to roam the hotel and even run into trouble at times. One day, Tim stumbles across a peculiar hotel guest, Professor Eisenstone. The professor’s hotel room happens to be across the hall from Tim’s, and afterRead More →

The amazing orphans are back again in the second story of the Curiosity House. Pippa, Sam, Max, and Thomas are relaxed now that the villain, Nicholas Rattigan, is in jail and far away from their home. The orphans have continued working on their show at Dumfrey’s Dime Museum of Freaks, Oddities, and Wonders. However, business is not picking up as expected, and the orphans are worried that the museum will be closing soon. Before the children have time to worry, Mr. Dumfrey, the Museum’s owner, and the person the kids call “dad”, comes across a newspaper headline that is sure to bring in business. “RICHSTONE TO FRYRead More →

Neal Bascomb, author of The Nazi Hunters, is back again with Sabotage: The Mission to Destroy Hitler’s Atomic Bomb. This gripping non-fiction novel is complete with science, mystery, and suspense as it follows the true tale of Hitler’s plan to engage in total destruction. The novel begins in 1940, when Germany attacked Norway. Bascomb gives the reader a background and scientific knowledge about nuclear fission and surprisingly, the importance of water. Readers will learn how complicated and specific the recipe was to create this bomb and the tactic mission involved.  Ironically, scientists were not planning on creating this destruction, yet their discovery of it helpedRead More →

Maguire is a magnet for bad luck. Everywhere she goes, something horrific happens to the people around her. Her bad luck started when she was just eleven years old. She was riding in the car with her father, uncle, and older brother when her dad lost control of the vehicle and had a severe accident. Maguire was the only survivor of the car crash; in fact, she walked away from the accident with nothing more than a scratch. A year later, Maguire went to an amusement park with friends. While riding a rollercoaster, there was a sudden crash and every passenger was seriously hurt, exceptRead More →

Kelsey has always been taught to view the world as dangerous. Her mother was the victim of a brutal kidnapping seventeen years ago. When she was finally able to escape, she vowed to stay indoors and raise her daughter, who she was now pregnant with. Since her mother’s kidnappers were never caught, Kelsey learned from a young age to protect her identity and to always be cautious when she left the house. To protect them, Kelsey’s mother built their home into a protected fortress complete with iron bars, video security, and bulletproof glass windows. To enter the home, Kelsey must enter a secret code. AllRead More →

Lucille “Lucy” Peevey dreams of leaving Sunnyside Trailer Park and becoming a famous scientist. She lives with her mother, Margaret, and her younger sister Izzy. Lucy’s biggest supporter, her grandmother, recently passed away. Before Gram passed, Lucy promised her that she would participate and win the annual BotBlock competition. The BotBlock competition requires applicants to create and program their own robots to complete various challenges. Lucy and her best friend Cam have created their step by step plan to succeed in their goal and win the competition with their own robot, PingPing200. Easy enough right? Wrong. First, Lucy is struggling to survive seventh grade. There is aRead More →

While Matt Hunter seems like a typical middle school student, his world is anything but normal. Matt’s town, Edenvale,  is now acquainted with a new kind of species…zombies! There are also a team of police officers to regulate the zombies, known as The Zombie Squad. Their job is to protect the living members of Edenvale and ensure the zombies stay in their walled off community. Citizens of Edenvale are also responsible for registering themselves and all pets with the Zombie Squad to protect other citizens in the event of a death. To not register yourself or animals is against the law. Matt isn’t concerned about theRead More →