My Zombie Hamster

While Matt Hunter seems like a typical middle school student, his world is anything but normal. Matt’s town, Edenvale,  is now acquainted with a new kind of species…zombies! There are also a team of police officers to regulate the zombies, known as The Zombie Squad. Their job is to protect the living members of Edenvale and ensure the zombies stay in their walled off community. Citizens of Edenvale are also responsible for registering themselves and all pets with the Zombie Squad to protect other citizens in the event of a death. To not register yourself or animals is against the law.

Matt isn’t concerned about the zombies, he is only looking forward to Christmas vacation. He cannot wait to take a break from school, play his favorite video game Runespell with his friends, and open gifts on Christmas morning. He is convinced his parents are going to get him the gift he has had his eye on…the new expansion for Runespell. However, when Christmas morning comes around, Matt’s gift is far from a video game. Rather than listening to his Christmas wishes, Matt’s parents decided that a pet hamster is the perfect gift. Snuffles is Matt’s first pet, an example to his parents that he is responsible. Unfortunately, Snuffles doesn’t make it past a couple weeks. Before Matt realizes it, innocent and furry little Snuffles becomes…ANTI-Snuffles.

Anti-Snuffles is the zombie version of Snuffles. Matt is worried his parents will never trust him and is scared for the Zombie Police to inform his parents about Snuffles death. However when the Zombie Police didn’t show up, Matt is confused. They never miss a death because it is their responsibility to collect the zombie and introduce them to their new environment. Matt is stressed as it is and doesn’t think it can get worse until he comes home one afternoon to find Anti-Snuffles gone!

Soon, neighborhood pets are going missing. In the beginning, it was just one cat or a family’s pet bird. Before the citizens of Edenvale realize there is a problem, almost all of the town’s pets are missing! Could Anti-Snuffles be up to this? Why is Anti-Snuffles collecting the neighborhood pets?

It is up to Matt and his three close friends to figure out Anti-Snuffles plan and find the missing animals before the Zombie Police! Will they succeed or will Anti-Snuffles take over the community of Edenvale?  Pick up Havelock McCreely‘s My Zombie Hamster and find out for yourself!

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